Here is Amazon's 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD

Amazon debuts 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD | The Verge

After making an informal debut in a televised ad late last night, Amazon's larger Kindle Fire has finally been unveiled

Features 8.9-inch 1920x1200, 254ppi display, aminated touch sensor for better visuals and 25% less glare, OMAP 4470 processor from Texas Instruments, stereo speakers, HD front-facing camera, 16GB of local storage, improved Wi-Fi networking by adding a dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz receiver, 4G LTE. All for $499. $299 without 4G LTE.

Some voices heard:

"Apparently brand new "best in class" exchange client - no details though - x-ray for movies seems cool, audio-text multi-media books are interesting - lots of nice sounding features so far."

" Looks like a really good tablet"

"waiting for the price and other specs like BT connectivity etc. - double wifi is nice but I don't think my wifi has even been an issue, wondering if this KF HD will finally become a Kindle that actually does m-commerce, the KF was more of amazon commerce and not really a m-commerce like iPad etc."

"Apparently both 7 and 9 are going to be running ICS fork - glad they jumped to ICS at least and maps from Nokia."

"$299 for 9" with 16GB - this is amazing price - good competition to iPad and N7 "

"$499 with 3G/4G"

"Amazon says that the Kindle is not a gadget, it's a service. I think that is a good way doing it."

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