Here is a hands-on video with the iPhone 5 (assembled)

Update: Here is one more video that compares the new iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4S:

Some voices heard:


"If this is true, this is a disproportionate device! "

"Maybe it's the video but it doesn't seem balanced"

"Looks like a standard not micro sim slot "


"Questioned by journalists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, Cook revealed that Apple plans to "double down" on product security and secrecy.
"We're going to double down on secrecy," Cook said Tuesday. "I'm very serious about this. Double down."
Good work with that Cook :-)"

"Looks like a iphone 4"

"I pray to God that this is the new iphone 5. It is a fact that if they don't drastically change the look and feel of the new iPhone this will be the downfall of it. Android all the way baby!"

"it's just an assembled phone with all the leaked parts"

"I am going to laugh in 2-3 weeks when they have their announcement and they only announce an iPad Air and not an iPhone. LOL"

"Am I the only one who finds the idea of changing from one proprietary connector to another proprietary connector hilarious? You get to replace all your docks and cables and STILL not have an industry standard. Seems bizarre somehow. if you're changing connectors anyway, proprietary to proprietary seems weird"

"I have 3 android phones right here.. only 2 of them have same connector. So much for industry standard"

"Who cares. I have the Motorola RAZR. I literally threw my iPhone 4 at a wall. After data corruptions. Losing all my contacts. And just lugging around waiting for internet. Every time i updated it made it worse. When i switched to the Razr it made sense no artistic designer crap. No retarded functionality. It just made sense. With an update on the Razr i went from gingerbread to ICECREAM SANDWICH!!!! Undeniably the best phone i have ever used. Functionality that makes sense. Brilliant interface. And one FAST 4g connection. Super spoiled. My next phone tho will with out a doubt be a samsung!!! Or another RAZR!!!! Iphone 5 can go take a hike"

"I doubt it. . After what all happened iphone would'nt give samsung or anyone a chance. You should check out some chinese stuffs 99% similar products no wonder he didnt turn on the screen. Anyone?"

"production has been slowed and possibly stopped. They are not showcasing iPhone 5 September unless sharp pulls a miracle... which I mean letting up secrecy and having more than sharps factory work on this which won't happen. Maybe sue Samsung and take all their phones and engrave iPhone 5 on the back hahaha"

"I hope the new smaller dock connector supports USB 3.0 and/or maybe Thunderbolt too"

"Weren't all the leaked photos and videos fake last year before the 4S came out?"

What do you think?


  1. I agree to wait and see the real thing from Apple when they are ready. Speculation and ruomrmill are not worth a hill of beans

    1. Yes that's true, and rumors often spoils the excitement when the real deal are unveiled.

  2. The second video is a real prototype compared to an iPhone 4S. It even starts. Looks awesome!


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