Leap Motion - Gesture Control System

Leap Motion - Part 2 | Youblob

Unlike a touchscreen interface, with the Leap, there's no friction. That sounds trivial, but it isn't. It's the difference between attempting to conduct a symphony with a wand and attempting to conduct the same symphony by sketching out what the orchestra should do next via chalk on a blackboard.

Some voices heard:

"This gesture control system looks really cool :)"

"This absolutely blows my mind out the window and back in the front door without ringing the doorbell!! WOW!!"

"So the Microsoft Kinect has competition before it is even ready for prime time? Competition is good, isn't it? ;-)"

"I am extremely impressed by the demos and by the device form factor. Looking forward to seeing it in person some day!"

"it will be really cool to see where this ends. Quite impressive" 

"whoa, (...)"

"Should be Apple's next purchase. Simply awesome."

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