So true... If you don't have a laptop clone of Apples MacBook you are not in the game.. At least it looks like it

MacBook Clones

I’m seeing a lot of innovative notebook designs at IFA in Berlin (LG, Samsung, HP) | 9to5Mac

If you aren’t making a laptop that apes the MacBook Air, you aren’t even in the game anymore

Some voices heard:

"Samsung Series 7 Convertible. HP Envy X2 Hybrid. Dell XPS Duo 12. No, there's no innovation outside Cupertino. Right. [/sips more coffee]"

"like every one wants to have a pinterest look :)"

"Where else can we go with the Laptop form factor? It seems as though thinner & lighter is about the only direction anyone could see.... Where else, but a 14-inch laptop at more than 200 pixels per inch and weighing less than one kilogram? Even 1.5 inch folded thickness seems to be about it; any thinner and it becomes too impractically fragile for daily rough & tumble use..."

"I think the way Apple is going is great. I am looking forward to have a Retina display on the next 11-inch MacBook Air next year."

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