The best camera is the one you always have with you, and to me that's my iPhone. Doesn't matter that a DSLR is better

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Don't Use Your iPhone As Your Only Camera

I’m an enormous advocate of iPhone photography, and I think that it’s incredible just how good the images can look. But it shouldn’t be your only camera, especially not on very important occasions

Of course I know that using a DSLR camera is much better than only using a mobile camera, but it's not only about photo quality, it's about simplicity too. The best camera is the one you always have with you, and to me that's my iPhone.

Some voices heard:

"While I agree with you in principle, the best photos are the ones you enjoy looking at. If I take photos with my iPhone or GNex, I don't look at them more than once because the camera sucks so bad in comparison to what I am used to (Canon 5D FF camera with a collection of L glass). So I end up preferring to not make photos than to make crappy photos I don't enjoy anyway. I am however eagerly awaiting the day I can have the quality of a FF dSLR in a handsome package I can carry with me all the time. If it ever comes."

"Everybody should use what works for them; thankfully there is no one stop solution for all - how boring would that be. Personally though, the terrible color inaccuracy, horrific distortion and little room for improvement without compromising the already questionable quality even more (jpg) drives me nuts. The only time I have seen acceptable results from my phone is when the lighting conditions have been absolutely optimal. (i.e. not too much contrast, and lots, lots of light)"

"Of course it's not as good quality but better take a picture than not do it"

"For me its more often the moment. For example when My baby girl took her first step or made à funny face, i used My 4s becouse i didn't have time to go and get My nikon, in this case am glad that i had My 4s near in My opinion the best mobile camera on the market. So for me most of My pictures are taken whit phone ;) "

"Absolutely true. I've had an iPhone 4S as a camera for about 10 months, and I can tell you, I went to a photography course and showed the two best pictures I've ever shot in my life and no one could believe they'd been entirely shot & edited (Camera+) with just an iPhone. Lately though, I've had the pleasure of enjoying use of a D80 on kit lens, and even if its sensor's poor for today's standards, a DSLR can sometimes change the game completely; it even makes you think differently when taking your shots. And moving between an iPhone and a DSLR makes you go through the differences between each other and learn how & when to make best use of them.

Until yesterday, my favorite shot in the whole wide world existed only thanks to my iPhone, but now there exists another one thanks to the aforementioned D80. Regardless of the camera, the photographer makes the pictures, not the tool. But yes, if I could, all of my pictures would've been done with a DSLR and its RAW files, but had I not had an iPhone, God what would my life look like without those precious shots..."

"there’s so much room for improvement in smartphone camera tech"

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