The iPhone 5 will have redesigned headset - Looks good. Finally they will sit much better in my ears...

Video Shows Completely Redesigned Headphones for iPhone 5

Vietnamese site has posted a video of what it claims to be redesigned headphones for the new iPhone which is expected in September. The video shows the new headphones and compares them to the old headphones provided on the iPhone 4S

Some voices heard:
"Seems à bit rough i think, looks like Hard plastic and no rubber, if this is so, i don't think i could have them in for à hole day at work.
But apple has proved me Wrong before ;) "
"looks quite hard to have them in your ears for a longer time. The Vietnamese web site says that they feel very comfortable though"
"Well one thing is sure, the headphones need à new more ergonomic look and feel! When you pay so much money for à device, you should get à good pair of headphones ;)"

What do you think?