The new 5th generation iPod Touch

apple ipod touch 5th generation

Apple's 5th generation of the iPod Touch got some quite large updates. It now has the same taller 4-inch Retina display as the iPhone 5, and a better 5-megapixels camera with 1080p video recording. I really like that. The camera also has the same panorama camera mode as the iPhone 5.

Siri is now built-in, and it has AirPlay mirroring, Ultrafast Wireless and much more.
The only drawback I can see is the price. It's way to expensive. $299 is the same price as the Google Nexus 7!
Too bad Apple didn't launch a 16GB version, then the price would be lower.

Here is some voices heard about the new iPod Touch:

"I didn't think they could make them any thinner but they have. "

"incredible thin and still a lot of good specs. To me the 1080p video recording on such neat device is the most interesting :)"

"I'm not sure what the rest thinks, but personally, the colors of the new Pods and Nanos reminds me of Nokia's new phones :P"

"Especially the new "extended" Nano. looks just like a Lumina 900, but miniature size :P"

"White one reminds me of galaxy s3...
And the others kind of looks like lumias... This will be fun to watch ;)"

"the old nano did too so I think Nokia has been quite "inspired" there ;)"

"look at the old nanos, the Lumia phones looks exactly as them so I think it's the other way round. Nokia is a bit "inspired" by them when they designed the Lumia phones. The nano was first. By far."

"Love everything about the new iPod Touch, especially the better camera. Just the price is too high: would have like to see a 16gig for $250"

"There should be a 16GB version around $200-$250"

"I have a friend with an android phone who wants access to the apple app store but likes his android as a phone, think that a Touch and a galaxy S3 would be the perfect combo of the best of both worlds for them."

"still cheaper than what I paid for iPod 32g model when it came. Still disappointed with Australian pricing though it doesn't matter whether the AU$ is higher or lower than the US$ they still ensure that we pay considerably more than the American market."

"If I needed to upgrade my iPod Touch these would be great (I use mine more as a mini tablet). "