The Nokia Lumia 920 phone will be available in Europe in November

Nokia Lumia 920

According to Reuter, will Nokias new flagship phone Lumia 920 be available in Europe in November. Reuters says it obtained the information from sources at telecom operators.
Sounds nice, but why not already in October when Windows Phone 8 (and also all other Windows 8 versions) will be released?
I think this long wait for Windows 8 to be finished is a huge drawback. I don't think Microsoft, Nokia and other manufacturers should present devices so long time before they get released. That only harms the brand and market.
Do like Apple are doing it instead, keep everything secret until announcement and then launch the devices immediately or some weeks after at the most.

Apparently will the high-end Nokia Lumia 920 cost €600. The Nokia Lumia 820 should be out two weeks after the Lumia 920 and will cost €450.

What do you think?


  1. The Lumia 920 also beat the iPhone 5 with software-based image stabilization because of Nokia's OIS and sensor-shift technology for image stabilization, according to Gottabemobile.

    Nokia Lumia 800

    1. Ok. Well, Nokia has always had great cameras


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