These high quality pictures of an iPhone 5 dummy finally makes me like this design. It's Beautiful

iPhone 5

Higher quality pictures of the purported iPhone 5 design |

the final design details will no doubt differ (pentalobe screws, properly typeset branding, etc.)

Wow! With these high quality pictures, I think it's the first time this leaked iPhone 5 design looks really beautiful. I'm starting to like this design. Tomorrow we will see if this is fake or not.

Some voices heard:

"But they are just dummies. In China people are so crazy with iPhones that they buy these fakes just to "show off""
"I doubt Apple will make big holes like this under the phone, and a mini dock Hmm but who knows these people are in Shenzhen manufacturing the real ones so could be true."
"It's the new big speakers that we need for all the new siri features."
"Am I the only one to hope this is fake? I actually don't like the new backside at all. It has weird proportions with those thin areas top and bottom with different colour. I loved the ergonomy of my 3Gs and the design of 4/4s was truly stunning (although impractical) but this... nah. I hope it looks great in real life if this is actually the true design. "
"In this pictures it's the first time I actually thinks this design looks beautiful. If this is the real deal then I think it will look really good when you see it in real life."
"Good to hear that I'm not the only one having had doubts. I do expect to actually like it and one bad design won't have me migrate away from a unified Apple-environment. But I know what my plans are for tomorrow night :)"
"I have a hard time believing Apple will release a badly designed product. "
"How about those Phillip screws that Apple never uses hmmm"
Reply: "this is just a dummy, the real thing will have Apples screws and better typesettings"

What do you think?