This could be the iPad mini - some images of a dummy device looks like the real design

iPad mini
iPad Mini

These images on an iPad mini dummy device could be the real Apple design of it. Looks like a big iPod Touch. I don't think we will see that tomorrow though, but maybe on the October event? Who knows? Could be totally fake to and just a fantasy of some Chinese fanboys.

Some voices heard:

"I am actually fine with the regular one. Handy device: iPhone. Bigger size, iPad. No need for the middle measure. :)"

"I sold my iPad because it was too big and heavy. I have a MacBook air 11-inch that I use as the iPad (always with me, instant on, more powerful, keyboard, etc), so the only thing I used my iPad for was reading and for that it was too big. I want a device that I can lay on my side in bed reading on. I do that with the iPhone now, but a 7-inch tablet would be perfect for that"

" i use my iPad mainly for multi media consumption plus making music and a smaller size would hurt them both. Also, for reading i would use the Kindle, it's way better for my eyes, at least. But, yeah, probably this is why the new size will be in the market, because people have different needs :)"

"A big iPod Touch :-)"

What do you think?

More photos:

iPad miniiPad miniiPad mini