What do you think? What's the perfect screen size on a smartphone? Tell me in the comments. Personally I think around 4.5 or maybe 4.6-inch

perfect screen size
Android Smartphone Sales, Led By Big Screens, Are Growing Everywhere Except In The U.S. | TechCrunch

In the last 12 weeks, it found that Android-based smartphones have continued to extend their lead over the rest of the pack, and the charge is being led by the big boys — literally

Some voices heard:

"I think my Note's 5.3" is pretty good. I've only used 3.5", 3.7" and 5.3" on a smartphone, and the Note wins, no contest. Although I can use almost any size above 3.5". the Note fits fairly in my hand and is usable for basic tasks (with only one hand) :) I like the 4.7" though, fits better, and feels great. Haven't tried for a longer period of time though, so I can't say for sure."

"I would say around 4" or something. If I want a larger screen i'll use a tablet (7" or 10"). Don't forget that phones should be easy to catch and to carry in your pocket. For example, my opinion, Galaxy Nexus is too big, it doesn't fit in jeans pockets and you need 2 hands to command it."

"I'd go with around 4" - anything bigger won't fit in my shirt pocket."

"I have a Galaxy note and I love it. I can't even look at a smaller phone screen now as it is extremely hard because I have gotten so used to looking at things on big screen. Honestly though, I have looked at S3 and that size might be better than Note's (4.7 to 5.3) bec its slimmer. One big thing with my note is fitting in my jeans pocket. I can't use rough, rugged covers on it because it won't fit in my pocket, if I did that."

"The GN at 4.65 is nice.. if they could make it edge to edge all over it would be perfect."

"I carry my Note with my wallet, I have a wallet-case. Works great, and it's actually (and I honestly don't know how this adds up) the same size as my last wallet (in thickness, it's slightly longer). Combined with my bluetooth pen, I have no issues picking up phonecalls :) Works great! Of course, we are all different, I'm just giving further info of how this works for me :)"

"For me I think the perfect size would be about 4.2 inches, I've used the iPhone the note the galaxy Nexus and Samsung galaxy s3 and I don't like when the size gets too big it's hard to use one hand. But I can agree that the iPhones 3.5" screen is a bit small but it's good enough for me for now, Don't get me wrong I do I really like these other devices as well, I have always come back to the iPhone after using any other device and I think Apple the iPhone it's just me it's my kind of device,
So if the new iPhone will have 4 inch display and new design or fairly design I will buy it, I got I bit out of track here but back to topic my sweet spot is around 4-4,2""

"It seems that we all have specific needs and sweet spots. It's all about choice again :) "

"The iPhone size has worked really well for me but I don't use it to make calls so I would like to have a phone with bigger screen so that it will be easier to work on."

"I think, it varies with each person depending on main applications, interests and physique as well."

"I like my 5.3", and I would venture with 6" phone if somebody makes one. On the other hand, the emergence of 7" android tablets may actually make the tiny iphones more tolerable."

"a phone should always fit in your pocket though."

"My Galaxy Nexus is the perfect size. I find the iPhone screen too small after using the Nexus for a couple of months. My Nexus fits perfectly in my jeans pocket, even with its ballistic case. The Note seems too big for a phone, but I do like my Nexus 7 better than my iPad. IMHO it's the perfect size for a tablet."

"I think the Galaxy Nexus hit the perfect size too. I don't own one but I have tried it. "

"I wouldn't put my phone (currently a 4" Huawei Ascend G300) in my jeans pocket - I only ever carry it in my shirt pocket (also, I don't usually wear jeans :-D). I actually went to the Samsung store and tried the size of their various phones - everything bigger than a Galaxy Y would either noticeably stick out or not even fit at all."

"I think it's no question that it depends on how we carry and/or use the phone :)
What I do know is, that I'm very excited about the next Nexus phone. Especially when there's rumors about a phone with zero bezel (let's asume it's not 100% bezeless, but very close) from Motorola. And Google decides to throw some of that magic into a Nexus. Then the Nexus could go and kiss the 5" mark without being bigger :)"

What do you think?