What I think of the new iPhone 5

I got my iPhone 5 this Friday, and I love it :)
It is so light and thin! It feels so much quality. The bigger screen real-estate makes it much easier to read and type. You see much more content above the keyboard when typing. That’s really good when using MarkDown to blog on it for example.

And the camera is awesome. Even the video quality is better. and the three new microphones makes it a lot better for making vlogs. I don’t have to use an external mic anymore when I do my CARVLOGS for example.

The iPhone 5 feels very fast, no lag at all, and the more RAM memory makes it possible to have more apps open at the same time, or more tabs open in Safari.

I think the iPhone 5 is a big update. A worthy update to the iPhone 4S.

And I mean, who cares about the maps? It’s just a first version, they get better. And seriously, how often are you using them? I never used Google maps either, and they didn’t even have navigation… And if I want navigation, I use the best GPS navigator app possible, and that is Navigon Mobile Navigator. There is even some free alternatives available in the app store and I am sure all of them is better than both Google maps and Apple maps.

Musings & Thoughts:

Apple sure does make some beautiful hardware. And I am happy about the new ear phones.

I heard what you said about seeing people’s names in buildings on the new map in the iPhone 5. Is if possible to turn this off, so that other people can see your name on the map? (Seems a bit scary otherwise I think. Not that I have any stalkers I know of - but still…)

I think that comes from my contacts on my iPhone actually. So if you have an address added to a person in your contacts, then they shows on the map. Same thing if someone has your address in their contacts, you show up on the map. So I believe it’s kinda safe. Only those who knows your address and has added you in their address book see your home on the map. So it’s not that they see where you are. They see your home address only.

Have you scratched it yet? I don’t see anything on there to protect it. Did it have any chips or light escaping from the edge of the screen as has been reported?

No I haven’t scratched it and I never use protection on iphones. It spoils the great design. I would never use that. I have never scratched any of my 5 iPhones. Never. And I probably never will. And no, no problems with light leaks. It’s perfect.

But you’re aware that the finish on the 5 is noticeably more delicate than the previous ones? If not, Google it. #scuffgate

Yeah I’ve read that but it’s the same every time Apple releases an iPhone. Media always hype out something. It’s just bad hype. I will never have protection on my iPhones as I said. And I can a sure you that I won’t scratch it. It’s just normal bad talk by media. Of course if you don’t handle it well it will be scratched. Simple.

“Antennagate” was also just bad talk by media and apple haters. I have never had that problem.

I rather buy this quality than plastic Android devices with loose parts like backsides, battery and expansion ports.

Complaining or actually having an issue with something doesn’t make you a hater in my book, just because you never experienced the antenna problem or any other problems reported doesn’t make them false. People have different experience with iphones and all other tech out there, denying problems, bugs and odd behavior doesn’t help getting a better product.

Damn I’m jealous;) I have to wait 3–4 weeks:/ and that sucks!
But it looks really nice! By the way, is it nano or micro sim?

I think it’s called nano sim. It’s smaller than that on the iPhone 4S.

The option for removable batteries and expansion ports is what I look for in a device. Locking the user into a certain amount of storage (with high premiums) and having to throw a device away when the non-removable battery dies is a waste of money.

My 4 year old iPhone 3G still has an excellent battery life. I use it at my work.

Batteries can die for many reasons, at any time. Just because yours hasn’t does not speak for the entire apple (or any other) user base. A guy told me this morning his 4s battery is so bad he’s had to take it to the apple store several times with no resolution.

I appreciate lots of people won’t have issues, but simultaneously many will, and that has to be considered when making blanket statements, as the media and normal people often do. The ‘it doesn’t effect me so doesn’t exist’ attitude is ignorant. That applies to every device, not simply apple/android.

The point is that I don’t think the need of changing batteries is important. I have 5 iPhones now and they all have the same battery life as they always had. I think that feature is not necessary. You don’t have to change battery. They survive the device whole life cycle.

Many people have battery problems. A battery failing should not render a device fit for the bin. Period. Whilst you may think you have the same battery life as the day you got it, that simply isn’t correct. Batteries degrade over time. That might be minor, but it happens. Yours clearly work still though which is great, that was a little off-track.

In addition, I generally carry 2 spare batteries when I travel, this means I can still use my phone if there is no where to charge it. I’ve had that happen more than once. I’d rather carry a spare battery than a spare phone.

Many people won’t care. Yourself included. Buy many people will, and for them - for me - a removable battery is one of the most important features of a phone.

Ok. Personally I don’t see that as an issue.

How is the data speed? Have you done any test? Or do you see any difference between 4S and 5?

I’ve done some tests but on 3G/4G here where I live it’s not so good yet. around 20 MBit/s only.. I hope Telia are working on it here. But it’s much, much faster than my iPhone 4S though. And Wifi is faster too. It uses wifi IEEE 802.11n , The iPhone 4S don’t.

I think in G+ and other apps that don’t support full screen yet, it took me a minute or so to get used to the fact that the keyboard is slightly higher than the physical bottom Of the phone. But beyond that it was fine. The good thing that apple did is maintain the width and that way my thumbs don’t have to get used to different placement o the keys especially as I move from phone to phone. The changing width is something that I find hard to get used on the android side. 

Yes I think keeping the width is good too. And it also get it easier to use it with one hand.

Check this article on the A6 processor. The layout block is carefully laid out by hand to yield greater performance. This is pretty awesome in detail. I am the same way, I don’t use a case either. The quality is beyond epic and I’ve owned 7 iPhones dating back to June 29th, 2007. All of which are in perfect condition. Quality is quality. Cheap is cheap. Apple doesn’t do cheap.

Well, first of, it is nothing unique for the A6 cpu, AMD and Intel does it and has always done it (except one cpu family from AMD and that one suffered from that decision).

You don’t design a cpu and layout every gate manually, that would be insane and prone to errors.

What they have done is the same you do when speed optimizing a program. You write it in C, compile it, find which part of the compiled program has bad machine code and write that part in assembler to override what the compiler does. Or fix the compiler to generate better machine code. Many years ago there was believed that humans wrote faster programs if they wrote it in assembler compared to a compiled C program, it was however found that the compiler more often did a better job and produced faster programs. People then stopped write entire programs in assembler and only tweaked the critical parts instead. What apple has done is probably this, corrected the bad decision that the software did.


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