What I think of my new Mid 2012 MacBook Air 11-inch

I’ve got my new Mid 2012 MacBook Air 11-inch this week, and I am more than happy with it.

It’s got the new Ivy Bridge chipset and 8GB of RAM memory, and that means a lot for me.. Because that makes it a lot easier and faster to do video editing in Final Cut Pro X.

On my one year old (Mid 2011) MacBook Air 11-inch, the fan started to spin at high speed when the MacBook got warm by doing video editing. The latest model doesn’t even get warm. The fan doesn’t even start! That’s cool.

The latest model also got USB 3.0, so I have bought the fastest USB 3.0 thumb drive on the market: a 64GB SANDISK Extreme. It shuffles data at 224MBit/s on a MacBook Air. And that is fast enough for me to use it for video editing.

The new MagSafe connector is not as good on the latest model though. It falls off too easy, and the cable goes straight out from the computer instead of vertical.

And somehow the video quality got worse when I connect it to my 40-inch HDTV.. On last years model the quality was perfect. Exactly same quality as on a monitor. Not on this one..

Maybe I only need to calibrate it or something?

Musings & Thoughts:

Those MacBook Airs are pretty sweet. I could NEVER own one tho… i’m clumsy and would probably not be careful enough with it.

They are very robust. A lot more robust than windows laptops. I have dropped my 2011 MacBook air on the kitchen floor without a scratch. I haven’t own a windows laptop ever that would handle that :) Too much plastic :)

The Windows laptops are traditionally cheap in design and can’t take ANY kind of licking. I honestly was looking at getting a MacBook Air and dual boot Windows 7 for .NET development (because the Mac runs Windows better than an IBM Compatible) but my traveling stopped and I build a desktop. But ONE DAY I will have a MacBook Air… but I want a larger screen!!

I am waiting 1 more month, if a new iMac is not out I will get me a 13" Air. Mine is from 2010 and I need Thunderbolt bad.

Planning to close the circle and go all Apple…my laptop with windows OS is pretty old and needs a replacement. Since I already use an iPhone 4S & an iPad2 replacing it with a MacBook seems reasonable…

I love my little Air. Since I got it a few months ago it is always with me. So small and light yet proper fast!