Will the Windows 8 tablets crush the Android tablets?

I think when Microsoft finally launches Windows 8 in October/November, then they will almost immediately start to take market shares from Android tablets. Android tablets hasn't been a success, and it's only the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7 that has succeeded to survive. I think both of them will still be quite popular. At least until Apple comes out with a 7-inch tablet.

But Windows 8 tablets will first of all succeed in the enterprise business, and after a while when developers has released a bigger amount of apps that works on both Windows 8 tablets, Windows RT tablets and even Windows Phone 8 phones (easy to do because they share the same Kernel), then they at first slowly will eat up market share from all the failed Android tablets, and then be the biggest competitors to the iPad. I see a future where we will have the smaller 7-inch consuming tablets from all companies, and the larger productivity tablets, only from Apple and Windows 8 based tablets. Maybe also Amazon can succeed in that market with their new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. If it will succeed with that will the coming months show us.

What do you think?

Some voices heard:

"Surely someone must be buying them or they wouldn't keep making them?"

"Lets pray to God that you're wrong, we don't need another crap company in the tablet market :)"

"Ordering my son a Nexus 7 tomorrow, I personally don't believe in windows tablets to be honest! Will be interesting ;-)"

"Have to agree and I imagine the windows tablets might become the enterprise choice of tablet and ipad will be the consumer choice of tablet."

"will be sad to see w8 tablet with antivirus and others stuffs of windows. People will try to replace pc's by W8 tablets and I think this is wrong because tablets was invented for another sort of things. Terminal servers, antivirus, etc, more of the same. It's old."

"viruses and anti-virus software will probably still be necessary on Windows 8 too.. Unfortunately."

"i think anti-virus is just going to be one of those things, I am surprised there hasn't been any major ipad virus's yet, as normally the virus's are where the users are."

"Most of the windows 8 tablets we've seen are duel laptop and tablet variants so i think the usage will depend on what you've got plugged into your tablet. I look forward to a decent windows 8 tablet so I can installed steam and play all the indie titles."

"Another thing windows 8 has going for it over android is itunes will probably work on it meaning it's easier for apple users to start using the Windows 8 devices with the media they already own. "

"It's practically impossible to have virus on an ipad. Except if you Jailbreak it that is."