Here are the specs on the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro

Svartling2513-inch macbook pro
Apple will not only unveil the iPad mini, they will also show us the rumored Retina[1] 13-inch MacBook Pro. According to 9to5Mac they have gotten hold of the specs for it. They say that it will have three different configurations:
  • 2.5GHz with 128GB SSD and up to 8GB of RAM[2]
  • 2.5GHz with 256GB SSD and up to 8GB of RAM
  • 2.9GHz with 512GB SSD and up to 8GB of RAM
Other specs:
  • 2560 x 1600 resolution display
  • two USB 3.0 ports
  • two Thunderbolt ports
  • SD card reader
  • HDMI port
All will be available for preorder directly after the event. They are rumored to start at $1,699.
macbook pro 13-inch

  1. Retina Display is a term developed by Apple to refer to devices and monitors that have a resolution and pixel density so high – roughly 300 or more pixels per inch – that a person is unable to discern the individual pixels at a normal viewing distance. Search for more info.  ↩
  2. Random Access Memory (RAM) provides space for your computer to read and write data to be accessed by the CPU (central processing unit). It’s a form of computer data storage. A random-access device allows stored data to be accessed in very nearly the same amount of time for any storage location, so data can be accessed quickly in any random order. Search for more info.  ↩