Leaked screenshots of Googles Native Maps app for iOS

Googles native maps app

It’s not a secret that Google are working on a native Maps app for iOS[1]. Many users has complained about the new Apple maps that is integrated into IOS 6 and has been waiting for Google to release their own native app, but personally I don’t have any problems with Apple maps.

Now it seems that the new app is near a release. Here are some blurry screenshot photos of Googles coming native maps app for iOS.

native google mapsGoogle maps for ios

Some of the features it will have:

  • It’s vector-based.
  • It’s got two-finger rotation to any angle.
  • It’s super fast.
  • 4-inch height of the iPhone 5 is supported


  1. iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. Search for more info.  ↩