More images of leaked parts from the iPad mini (update: new video with dummy iPad mini)

iPad mini

Not only that the rumors says that Apple will send out invitations October 10 to a special iPad mini event that will be taken hold October 17, and we have seen a video with a iPad mini Dummy device, now also some more interesting images of leaked parts of a potential iPad mini has leaked out on the web.

Personally I don’t believe it’s an iPad mini we are seeing, it’s just the new iPad, the iPad 4 we are seeing. A new slimmer and lighter iPad 4.

Musings & Thoughts:

Charles Gaines
The mini has been vaporware since 2010, don’t see why that’d change now.

Stefan Svartling
I don’t see why. Apple doesn’t do cheap. They do quality, so there is no reason to compete with Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and the rest.

Charles Gaines
Well, FWIW I’d be totally down with a six inch or so apple tablet weighted towards consumption; iTunes in the cloud practically hollers for such a device. It wouldn’t be an ipad though-iPads do have productivity capacity to a degree and this wouldn’t. 

Stefan Svartling
That is why I always said that it is a bigger iPod Touch. A media device. A consuming device. iPads is for content creation and productivity.