This is the new iPad mini

ipad mini
Apple announces a new iPad model called iPad mini. It’s a 7.9-inch version of the dominating iPad.
The mini has a 1024 x 768 resolution, exactly as the iPad 1 and 2, so all the apps in the app store works on this one too, and of course all the new apps will work also.
It’s only 7.2mm thick and has a aluminum shell that makes it 53% lighter and 23% thinner than the normal iPad.
The iPad mini is lighter and thinner than Google’s Nexus 7, even if it has 1/3 larger display area. The bezel around it is much smaller and is made out of aluminum. A new version of iOS[1] will also handle the touchscreen in the edge of the screen so that you can hold it and still touch the screen without activating it. I think that’s great.
apple ipad mini


  • dual-core Apple A5 processor
  • optional LTE[2]
  • 5-megapixel[3] iSight camera
  • 802.11n WiFi[4]
  • the new Lightning connector (of course)
  • 10-hour battery life
the new ipad mini
It ships November 2nd and starts at $329 for the WiFi 16GB model and comes in white or black color.
You can pre-order it from October 26th.

  1. iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. Search for more info.  ↩
  2. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a wireless broadband technology designed to support roaming Internet access via cell phones and handheld devices. Because LTE offers significant improvements over older cellular communication standards, some refer to it as a 4G. Search for more info.  ↩
  3. One million pixels, used as a measure of the resolution in digital cameras. Search for more.  ↩
  4. A local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet; uses ethernet protocol. Search for more.  ↩