What I like and dislike with Android

I like android
I’ve been using Android[1] for some weeks now and I like it.

What I like with Android:

  • Widgets. They make me more creative and productive
  • Third-party keyboards like Swype. They make it faster and more fun to write
  • Background updates and syncing. Makes some apps more useful because they are always updated and in sync
  • Real multitasking
  • Android phones has big screens that makes it easier to consume and create content
  • Web installing of apps. It’s cool that you can go to Play Store in your web browser on your computer and hit install on an app and it gets installed on your phone
  • Google Now. I think that is the future. Predictive search that helps the user. Much more useful than Siri
  • The total Google experience
  • Batterylife. I’m impressed on how good battery life Android phones has, and still has real multitasking, widgets and background updates
  • File storage. You can use it as a USB Flash Drive (at least on Windows, I haven’t succeeded doing that on Mac yet)
  • Feels modern and is fun to use

What I don’t like with Android:

  • Phones has bad build-quality, very plastic, gets scratches easily and has loose parts (maybe LG Nexus 4 can change that now. It looks awesome)
  • The OS doesn’t get updated on branded phones when there is a new version available
  • Not as many professional apps. Mainly amateur, single developer made apps
  • Some apps has a UI that is made for smaller phones, it’s sometime hard to navigate and use a large phone with one hand because of the UI in some apps
  • No full backup. You need to manually backup your files or use some backup app or something. It would be better if it had some kind of automatic backup as iOS has
  • No Reader mode in web browser. Not in Android browser or Chrome at least
  • No scroll to top as iOS has. Tap on top bar to scroll the page or app all back to the top again

  1. Android is a Linux-based mobile operating system developed and distributed by Google in conjunction with the Open Handset Alliance. Search for more info.  ↩