Android update for my Samsung Galaxy S3 4G with same version number?

I've got a software update Over The Air (OTA) today, for my Samsung Galaxy S III 4G. It already had Android 4.1.1, so I thought that this update was 4.1.2, but after the update was finished, it still shows 4.1.1! But I got the new Gmail and Android swipe keyboard... Strange. Some says that it maybe just was a TouchWiz update from Samsung, and not the full Android update? Who knows? All I know that it was a complete Firmware update and I got new features afterwards... But still have the same version number..
I've been waiting for the new Gmail so I can swipe on messages to delete them, and so that emails get auto zoomed for easy reading.
Here is a video where I first talk about this, and in the end I do a "hands-on" to show you what I mean. Enjoy. And please subscribe to my youtube channel.