New awesome Sony 5-inch phones are coming - Yuga and Odin

Sony will release some incredible 5-inch 1080p Android phones. The Yuga (C660X), and the Odin (C650X) is the first two. They is also named Xperia 5 and Xperia 5R. The main difference is that the Yuga is water resistant and the Odin has IR Remote. The Odin is slightly smaller too, but still has a 5-inch display. If Sony can fix so that the phones gets Android updates faster, I can actually think that any of these could be my next phone. My next phone will be a phone with 1080p display, that's for sure. A 5-inch 1080p phone is my dream device.


  1. Thanks for this sharing... I am really curious to get this smartphone.. When is it about to available in India... What would be its Cost in INR.
    I luv Sony for its camera quality...<3


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