How will the mobile future be?

How will the mobile future be? Will we all carry smart glasses like Google glasses? Or will we all carry smart watches as the rumored Apple iWatch?

I don't think so. It will be too awkward to carry such devices.
But what kind of devices will we have then?
I think we will have large phones (phablets) or small tablets with us all the time, that is as powerful as desktop computers, so when we dock them to a large display at home, they become our desktop computers with wireless keyboards, mouse, touch pads and all. And when we disconnect them again, they become our mobile computers again. That is how I think the mobile future will be.

But will we have a device that communicate with these larger devices? How will that device be? Will it be a small microphone on our shirts? Or will it be an implant in our heads?

What do you think? Tell me in the comments!