I already using my HDTV for everything by docking my 11-inch MacBook Air to it


TVs are the battleground for the next tech revolution -

Companies like Apple, Google or Samsung believe that it is time to update televisions to turn them into hubs that you use for a variety of purposes. While I’m not really sold yet on the idea yet, companies began to announce that they are working on a new wave of interactive TVs.
Personally I already using my 40-inch HDTV for everything, every day when I coming home from work I dock my 11-inch MacBook Air to it and uses it as a monitor together with my Apple wireless keyboard, mouse and touchpad. SO I use it for video editing, music making, web surfing, socialize (Google+), watching web video, Watching movies, TV and listen to music (Google Music). So I don't need any other "boxes" or built-in SmartTV functions. My HDTV is already smarter and more powerful anyways...