Settle Up - iOS and Android app for organizing group expenses

I've been testing an app called "Settle Up" that is available for both Android and iOS. It's a personal finances app for organizing group expenses. It's very useful.

Key features:
- Sync with other Androids, iPhones and the web, also works fully offline
- Focus on great user experience, tablet layout
- Possibility to have multiple groups and swipe between them
- Payments log
- Minimal number of transactions to settle debts within a group
- Multiple currencies
- Uneven split (useful for families or couples), more people can contribute to the payment
- Attach image of receipt to the payment
- Email export, export/import to SD card and CSV
- Repay your debts easily via PayPal (no fees)
- For developers: open API
- Translated to 20 languages
More available via in-app purchases:
- remove ads
- filter payments
- convert debts into single currency
Google Play Store:

iTunes App Store: