About the new coming YouTube design

Google/YouTube will soon release a new design of the YouTube channels, and they look a lot as Google+. In fact, I think it using the Google+ framework now. If you go to my YouTube tab on my Google+ profile google.com/+svartling/videos - then you see a bit like how it will look. They have taken that design and enhanced it a bit. 

I think that is awesome. I would like to see more Google+/YouTube integrations. I would like to see syncronizations of likes and comments for example. If someone like my video here on Google+, why wouldn't that like show up on the YouTube video itself? Same with comments, why not merge them? Comments here gets added to comments on YouTube video and vice versa.

Only some of the big YouTube users has the new design already, but a rumor says that all will get it February 25.

I'm very excited over this!

The only thing I care about at the moment is Google+ and YouTube, so this is awesome for me.

See my thoughts about this here: http://youtu.be/RnYImHYvUk4?t=4m53s