Buying the Nexus 4 when already having the Galaxy S3?

I've got a question from one of my followers.
He is wondering if he should buy the Nexus 4 when he already have the Samsung Galaxy S III.

I would say no. It's better to wait and see what they show us on Mobile World Congress and Google I/O first. And Samsung will probably have an event just after Mobile World Congress or so.

It's better to wait and buy one of the coming new phones instead.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is still one of the best phones on the market. It has very good specs, so it will handle everything you want until the next big thing comes.

Yes I know that the Nexus 4 looks awesome with great design and all, and the Galaxy S3 is very plastic, but it's not worth buying it anyways. Just wait and see what's coming, is my advice.