Google Glass is the next step into the mobile future

Google will release the Explorer version of Glass for consumers in Q4 this year, and that is very exciting! They are still too expensive for me personally, but that is the next step into the mobile future. I am sure of that.

Google Glass uses a Google Now-like UI where you can talk to Glass by giving commands like "Ok Glass, Google Stefan Svartling" and get results for those keywords.

You can also document your complete life with Google Glass by video record everything you do and see. To me personally as a vlogger that is incredible exciting!

Of course Google Glass has some privacy issues, but I think Google has an ad opportunity here. While walking around in the world, Google Glass can say ads that relates to the location we are in. For example walking outside a store, we can get prices from some stuff we usually search for and are interested in. Just an example what they can do.

Update: +Robert Scoble says that Google Glass is the biggest thing since the iPhone, and I could agree with that, but then they need to get a lot cheaper. If they can make them between $200 - $400 I think it will be the next big thing.