Hopefully Apple will add a touchscreen to the 11-inch MacBook Air someday

I hope that Apple will add a touchscreen on a coming 11-inch MacBook Air. I would really like to have that. I often hold my 11-inch MacBook Air as a tablet with both my hands, when reading or watching movies for example. Then it would be perfect if I could swipe left and right with my thumbs to go between articles in a good RSS Reader for example. Or switching between spaces (desktops) in OS X Mountain Lion.

Using gestures directly on the screen with my thumbs. In fact, I even have done that by mistake sometimes because it felt right to do that. Nothing happened of course because the screen is not touch sensitive. Now.

The 11-inch MBA is almost as light as the iPad, and almost as small. It replaced the iPad for me. I do everything I did on the iPad on the MBA now. And much more of course, because it is so much more powerful.

If it had a touch screen it would be like having a very powerful tablet running on a fun desktop operating system that you can use for everything.

The screen doesn't need to be detachable. I don't want another Surface Pro.

I like to have the keyboard there, all the time. There is no win in having it without the keyboard. I just want it to be exactly as it is now, plus having a touchscreen for easy navigating when relaxing, reading, watching videos and so on.

In fact, the 11-inch MacBook Air is even more comfortable to hold than a tablet because when lying down in bed reading you don't even need to hold it, just put it on your stomach.

I hope Apple will do this with the MacBook Air in a near future.
It would make the best portable device you can buy for money even better.