I am disappointed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013

Seriously, Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 sucks. I'm very disappointed. Only low end and mid range devices announced.
And the reason is that all the big companies, manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Nokia have their own events now. So most flagship devices is already announced or will be on these events.

So on MWC this year we saw LG Optimus G Pro, Sony Xperia Tablet Z as the flagship devices, and those we already has seen before MWC.. All the other devices is low and mid range, like Nokia Lumia 520 and 720, and LG Optimus F5, F7, L3.

One of the most interesting devices announced is ASUS Fonepad, but the specs is a bit low end. But it looks cool and competes with Nexus 7 in price.

Then there is all the strange devices from companies like ZTE and Huawei that we probably never will see in Europe or US.

So in total, I'm very disappointed at Mobile World Congress this year. Maybe it's dying? Maybe it will be even worse next year?