I can understand the hate on my Microsoft Surface Pro video

I can understand all the hate I get on my Microsoft Surface Pro video, where I said that it will fail because it's too expensive and has a terrible battery life.

Because people go the world's second largest search engine to search for videos they would like to watch, and if they search for Microsoft Surface Pro and finds my video where I say it will not succeed, then of course they will give it a thumbs down and post some hate comments that I am stupid. I understands that. It's just natural.

Not many will search for Microsoft Surface Pro if they don't like it, so there will not be many thumbs up :)

It's hard to upload negative videos on YouTube, but I won't change my opinion about things because people will hate me for that. I will keep doing what I do, and always say what I think about stuff. I will not lie.

See that video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JRet4JFN3Q