Q&A: Do I recommend the 11-inch MacBook Air over the 13-inch model? YES!

I've got a question on Google+ if I recommend the 11-inch MacBook Air over the 13-inch model, and my answer is: YES! Definitely. It's much, much more portable, It's a portable device as powerful as a computer. The 13-inch model is a computer, a laptop.

You can use the 11-inch version as an ipad, tablet, laptop or desktop computer by connecting it to a large display. I do that everyday.

I often hold the 11-inch as an iPad, for example when reading in bed, or watching movies. In fact, it's more confortable than the iPad, because when laying in bed you can put it on your lap or stomach when reading or watching movies. No need to hold it. But it is so light and small so you can hold it with both hands in the screen, just as you do with a tablet. If you want.

I often hold it in one hand while walking around too. For example when recording vlogs.

It doesn't matter that the screen is smaller, because on a Mac you have every app in fullscreen mode anyways, and switching left and right between them.

The 11-inch MacBook Air is the best device I have ever bought. It's good for everything. No need for a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can use it for all that.