A Samsung Ultrabook with Touchscreen is more useful than the Microsoft Surface

Last weekend I had some hands-on time with a Samsung Ultrabook with Touchscreen, and the Microsoft Surface. I must say that I was quite impressed with the Ultrabook. I've said before that I would like Apple to add touch the 11-inch MacBook Air. Then it would be an even better device than it is now. If I ever had to switch back to Windows, then I would have a Ultrabook with Touchscreen running Windows 8.

I still don't like the Microsoft Surface though. The build-quality feels too plastic, and I don't like the kickstand. It can only be in one angle, and can't be used anywhere except on a table or desk. And I don't like the "cover" keyboard from Microsoft. Yes it's an excellent idea but very hard to type fast on. So all in all, I still prefer my 11-inch MacBook Air, and I really hope it will have a touchscreen someday. That could be the next Apple revolution.