Apples iPad mini 2 will be launched just after Googles next Nexus 7 (update)

Apple's next iPad mini, the iPad mini 2 will have a retina display and be released in third quarter, or fourth quarter this year. Just after Google's release of the next Nexus 7 (Nexus 7 2?). Some analysts says that the iPad mini crushes the competition, so they are forced to dump their prices. Personally I think Android tablets still can compete when it comes to 7-inch tablets, but not when it comes to bigger tablets around 10-inch. They have no chance against the iPad. The reason is that they need to have tablet compatible apps for that. And Android doesn't have that. Yes they have a few but not in the same league as the iPad. Not even close.

Update: KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that before the iPad mini 2 launch, Apple might release a more affordable iPad mini to compete with Android products. To cut costs, Apple will "push for lower component prices, use a more advanced process to produce the A5 processor, simplify metal casing production, remove the rear camera, cut storage to 8GB and find more component suppliers to lower costs". It would be cool if this cheaper iPad mini would cost around $199~$249 that we thought the first iPad mini would cost...

Kuo also says that screen yield issues will prevent Apple from producing a Retina display iPad mini any time before October. So what I am talking about in the video above will be true then ;)