Draft - a very good Markdown text editor for Android

Here is a hands-on video with the awesome Markdown text editor for Android called "Draft".
Finally my mission to solve that problem in my Android experience is done. I don't miss ByWord on iOS anymore. Draft is that good. Finally a great markdown editor for android.
Now I can do complete blog posts with full formatting like, bold, italic, lists, images, links, headers and much much more. All from my android phone using Draft.


* Create, view and edit plain text and Markdown or MultiMarkdown notes
* Organise all your notes in folders and sub-folders
* Full text search of all your documents
* Fullscreen editing for distraction free writing
* Smart editing with a dedicated Markdown shortcuts toolbar and lists continuation
* Four different color themes
* Share your documents with other applications
* Share the Markdown generated HTML preview of your notes
* Receive text from other applications
* Store your notes in the cloud with Dropbox
# File formats
* Draft can create notes with the following extensions:
- txt
- md
* Draft can import (from Dropbox or other apps) files with the following extensions:
- txt
- md
- markdown
- org
# Dropbox synchronization

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mvilla.draft