Everyone is doing Smartwatches now - Do we want them? No

It seems that everyone is making a smartwatch now. First the rumor that Apple is working on an iWatch (And I still don't think they are), and then Samsung confirms that they also are working on one. Now Google and LG says the same. So is the smartwatch the next big thing?

I hope not. I can't see me wearing a watch again. I have no need for it.

I can't see what a smartwatch can give me that I would possibly want?

I can see one point though, and that is that smartphones gets bigger and bigger. We soon will see that phablets will replace both or phones and tablets.
So maybe we need a very small device again, and why not on our wrists?
If you remember the 90's and early 00's, then we wanted so small phones as possible. I had a Nokia phone that was so tiny that you could hide it completely in your hand.

So maybe the smartwatch will take over the phone feature from the smartphone?
Maybe we will have Google Now, Siri or S-Voice built-in to the smartwatches so we can give it commands by voice.

But I still can't see myself wearing a watch again.