Flipboard 2.0 will compete with Scoop.it and Tumblr

Flipboard 2.0 makes it possible to curate posts, articles to your own Flipboard Magazine that your followers can subscribe to. That is a direct competition to services like Scoop.it, Tumblr and even Google+. I am sure this will be big. The Flipboard team will probably add a lot more features to this curate thing.

What will Google think of that? I mean, Flipboard and Google collaborate to integrate Google+ directly into Flipboard, so that we could curate posts directly from the app to Google+. A bout the same thing that Flipboard has added on their own now.

I don’t think Google is happy about this.

Flipboard 2.0 is available for iOS now, Android must wait about a month... That is also a bit strange.