Google X Phone great battery life and camera

Rumors about a Google X Phone, or Motorola X Phone, has circulated on the web for a while. Now they says that this device will have same awesome battery life as Motorola's Maxx phones, and it will also have a Sony Exmor camera sensor. And that's awesome. All phones needs better battery life, and Motorola's phones has always had bad cameras, so this means that the X Phone will get a really great camera.

The rumor also says that it will run on Vanilla Android, but I'm not sure about that. It says that "it has a revolutionary software that is never seen before". Yes that could mean that it will have Android Key Lime Pie, but it could also mean that it has a new kind of UI never seen before on top of Android. I'm still not sure that we will see Key Lime Pie this year. I think Google will stay on the Jelly Bean platform and just release small updates like 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 this year. They need to do that, so that they can fine tune android to be perfected until they jump one big step again. And that also means that they minimize the Android fragmentation because the manufactures can finally keep up with the releases, so they will get on the same platform.

There is also a concept video of the X Phone (you can see that clip in my video), but I don't like it at all. One of the reasons is that it is too small, just 4.5-inch, and it only has 720p resolution. I think if Google and Motorola will release a flagship phone, then it needs to be at least 5-inch and having full 1080p resolution. Otherwise it will be way after the best phones on the market when it's launched.