Hands-on Samsung Galaxy S4, a new Galaxy S3 Plus & LCD display for Note 3

Some days ago, I posted a video with photos of the coming Samsung Galaxy S IV, now a hands-on video is released on the same website. It will be very exciting to see this android phone on Samsung's Unpacked event tomorrow.

A new rumor also says that Samsung is working on a Galaxy S III Plus with a full 1080p HD display, and bigger battery for better battery life. That will be an interesting option for people that still prefers 4.8-inch phones instead of buying the 5-inch Galaxy S4.

Another rumor also says that Samsung can't decide if they should use an AMOLED or LCD display on the coming Galaxy Note III. The reason is that LCD is better for styluses like the S-pen. So the Note 3 could have a full 1080p LCD display from Sharp. Samsung bought 5% in Sharp recently. That could also be one of the reasons.


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