How I use Evernote & what for

Some of my followers has asked me how I use Evernote, and what I use it for.
So I decided to do this vlog to talk about that.

I use Evernote for:
- GTD (Getting Things Done)
- Project Management
- Time Management
- Journaling (as a Journal)
- Note taking
- Knowledgebase
- Cloud storage
- and more

I think all these things works so good so you don’t need specific apps for that. Just use Evernote for all things. I use Evernote professionally both at my daywork as a project manager, and home. Everything synchronized between all my computers and devices.
No matter what platform I’m using. That’s the beauty with Evernote.

The free version is enough for most users. You can upload 30MB every month.
But if you would like to have your document files like PDF’s, Word and Excel files indexed for example, so that they get searchable, then go for the premium version. It’s quite cheap.

Watch this video for all the details on how I use it for all these things. I am sure you will like it.

This is part of something I call "The Svartling Method".


  1. ...very informative, nice drive too.

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    The site is getting load very slow on my browser. Except that, Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts to us. I gone through your other articles too. But this is much better.

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