I use my Smartphone as a GTD Inbox by doing Inbox Reviews of it

I use my smartphone in a very unusual way. The things I tell you in this vlog is a unique way to be highly productive. I have three GTD Inboxes, one is my email Inbox, one is my GTD Inbox in Evernote, and the third is my Smartphone.

I do Inbox review of all of them. And I always have Inbox Zero when I'm done with it.

In this video I tell you some of my secrets to succeed with that. And I get highly productive, creative and organized by doing it.

My third Inbox, the Smartphone, works like this in short:
Every time the screen goes off, all the connections goes off automatically (I use the Settings Profile app for that). That means that no phone calls, no text messages, no emails, no notifications except for my Calendar notifications goes thru.

And when I got the time (and that is an important point), for example right after a meeting, then I turn the screen on again, and in seconds all my missed phone calls, text messages, emails and notifications gets collected for me and presented to me.

Then I start doing an Inbox review of the phone. I go through all missed calls, text messages, emails, comments and notifications. All things that takes less than 3 minutes, I do directly. The rest I organize into my Next Actions, Someday/Maybe or Projects.

After that I get Inbox Zero again, and If I'm done with using the phone, I let the screen go off again, until the next time I get the time again.

This is an incredible effective way to be harmonic and organized in what you do, you will be able to be much more productive than usual. I can highly recommend trying this method. It works for me both professionally and privately. I am definitely Getting Things Done using this method.

I call it ”The Svartling Method”.

Watch this vlog above for all the details, and also watch this video about my way organizing stuff.