iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 - Apple needs to make an overhaul of the iOS UI

New rumors and concept photos of iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 mini and iPhone 6XL (iPhone+ phablet) has circulated out on the web.

The concept photos shows that if Apple moves the home button to the side of the phone instead of having it at the bottom of the screen, then they can have a bigger screen, or smaller phone with same sized screen.

The photos also shows that we then can have one more row of apps.. and that proves that Apple needs to make a huge overhaul of the iOS UI. They need to make the home screen come to life instead of just having rows after rows of app icons...

If you look at the photos it becomes very obvious that Apple needs to fix this.

One cool thing with moving the home button to the side of the phone is that they can make a cheaper and smaller iPhone mini that actually has the same screen size as the iPhone 4.

The rumors also say that Apple will launch the iPhone 5s in August, but personally I don't believe that. Apple won't launch a new iPhone just after the semester, the vacations.

I still thinks they will launch an iPhone 5S with better specs but same design as iPhone 5 at WWDC in June/July, and maybe another bigger or cheaper iPhone model in October.