Motorola X Phone - built on demand

Some rumors says that the Motorola X Phone will be customizable. Build on demand, just as you can do on Apple store when buying a new MacBook for example.
That means that we can choose how much RAM memory we want, and how fast the CPU should be, and maybe even which screen size we want.
That would be awesome. So the X phone could be a modular phone.
But if the rumor is true, then it will be sold in Google Play Store, so it won't be available here in Sweden where I live, and many more countries. Because we don't have hardware, books, movies and more in the Play Store here...
Hopefully the Motorola X Phone will be sold by the carriers stores too. But how would we be able customize it from those stores then?

Or maybe this rumor isn't true at all, but it's a great idea anyways, and hopefully some manufacturer will do it someday.