Switched from iOS to Android but still recommends the iPhone for normal users

As you may know, I have switched from being an iOS (iPhone, iPad) user to be an Android user. I did the switch on October 2012, and I am a happy user of a Samsung Galaxy S3 4G (GT-i9305). And I really like the innovative, fun and exciting Android OS.

But even if I personally prefer Android over iOS, I still recommend the iPhone to a new normal user.

Why? Because an iPhone is simpler to use and has a very good UI and user experience.
For a complete newbie, Android can be overwhelming, and such user can't go wrong with an iPhone.

To me Android is for geeks and professionals that works with gadgets, youtube and blogs like me. It's for people that want to experiment with different kind of stuff. That's why I often say that Android is more fun than iOS.

If you want a trusty old OS that runs on nice hardware, then go for the iPhone. If you want to have fun and try different cool things, then go for Android, I'd say.
Android feels more future proof and have a lot of exciting things going on. Like Google Now for example. I think Google feels more safe when it comes to innovation in software. They have more exciting things on it's way. Like Google Glass. They feel more "cool".

But Android also feels more "beta" at the same time. It's the price you pay if you want to try the latest innovative software. So once again, go for iOS if you want to feel safe and have a product that "just works".


  1. But with an iPhone you miss out on all the cool stuff, like Google Now.

    1. Exactly. That's why I prefer Android. And that is what I am talking about in this post and video. But still, iPhone is better for first time smartphone users.

    2. True, but personally I always recommend Android. Yes the "break in"-period is a bit longer for new smartphone users. But Android allows you to go further and have better, tighter integration with you online life. And I'll rather spend an extra hour or two teaching friends and family how to use Android than try to help them every time they get stuck on something with IOS.

      A lot of people are starting to realize that Google+ isn't just "another" social network. But a complete platform to organize not only your own stuff, but every digital way of communicating, sharing and finding information. With a Droid, you have the option to learn more, and in turn get more out of your phone through the Google platform.

    3. True but I personally thinks Android is harder to learn and use so it's more for geeks like you and me ;-)

    4. Well, I'm a geek, and a IT profesional, and I wouldn't even think about using an Android device as my primary go-to-device.

      I already own a Galaxy S2, Nexus 7, and waiting for a Nexus 4 to review and test. So I'm not without Android experience - but the UI performance and the apps is so crappy when compared to iOS. Even after project butter the Android UI lags like nothing else I've ever used.

      The apps are either not available or more crappy than the same apps in iTunes App Store, and the UI in the apps is just.... yeah!

      Sorry Stefan, I usually agree with a lot you have to say, but not this time!

    5. You don't have to agree with me, this is just what I think . And yes apps are much better on iOS but you don't need so many apps on Android because it has so many feature built in to the OS. For example the excellent share menu that makes any app work like drafts for iOS

  2. The only reason Google seems more innovative is because of their business model - they like to show off features and services before its finished. Apple on the other hand doesnt show their innovations before it's launched, and they don't launch before they think the product is close to perfect - and it usually is!

    That's why Apple customers come back and back and back for more...

    And people forget about the small things when they talk about innovation - an example is the magnet charger on the MacBook Pro's, or the new fan they put in MacBook Pro's that is close to impossible to hear!

    1. I love my innovative Macbook Air and the build quality. Apple really can do this kind of stuff. But iOS starts to get a bit stale, so I think Apple should put some priority fixing the software


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