The Android Experience - six months later

I have now used Android instead of iOS in around six months. And I must say that my Android Journey, my Android experience has been very interesting and fun. Exciting in fact.

Some of you maybe remember that in the beginning of my Android journey, I had some problems to solve before I could be happy using Android.

I think all those problems is solved now except for one.

The first problem I had was that I would miss the incredible good GTD app called Omnifocus that I used on both my iPhone and Mac. Not anymore. I solved that by using my own GTD system based on Evernote and a great Calendar app.

The second problem I had was that there wasn’t any good Markdown text editors for Android, so I couldn’t do complete blog posts with formatting, images, links and all, made by writing in Markdown code that I love. That is not a problem anymore, because some days ago a developer that have seen my posts and videos about me complaining, contacted me and wanted me to try his app called Draft.
Draft is a new Markdown text editor for Android, and it is awesome.
I no longer miss my favorite Markdown text editor, ByWord for iOS. Draft is as good.

Other small problems like missing good RSS readers, ebook readers and more is solved with apps like Press for android and Moon+ ebook reader. 
And by the way, the RSS Reader problem is no problem either because I don’t use RSS or RSS Readers anymore. I use Twitter and the Discover tab for all my news. It’s perfect. I follow the right people. So I use the official twitter app on android, and on my Mac.

The only problem that I haven’t solved in full yet, is that there isn’t any good video editing apps on android. I have tried them all and they are complete junk. In fact, some of them are pure spam/virus! They install ads and apps without me knowing it while using them... They should be reported! I can’t understand how Google can allow this apps in the Play Store...

Why is no professional developers making any professional video editing apps for Android? Because of piracy?

I miss apps like iMovie, Pinnacle Studio, Slice and Avid studio on iOS...

I have solved this problem partially by using my highly portable and mobile 11-inch MacBook Air instead. As I have said many times, I use it like an iPad and it is always with me when I am on the move. The problem with that is that I need to transfer the videos from my android phone to my MacBook Air to edit them. And I need to do that with a cable because when I am on the move I am not on a wifi network so I can’t do that wirelessly. That is a bit annoying. But I think I can handle it. A big plus is that I can continue edit the videos on my MacBook when I am coming home.

Before this I did the video editing directly on my iPhone. It’s very easy to do on the iPhone with these professional video editing apps. Even real advanced editing.

But I think you understand by now that I am really enjoying Android and will keep using it. I am not planning to switch back to the iPhone. 

So you can say that I am an happy android user now! :)

Please watch the vlog above for more details.