This is how using the Twitter Discover Tab instead of Google Reader

There is so much discussions today about Google closing down Google Reader, but I actually thinks Google is doing the right thing. RSS and RSS Readers starts to be ”old” media. Just as TV is.

I stopped using RSS a long time ago. I use a very well tweaked Twitter stream instead. It has taken me years to make it perfect but it starts to be that now.
If you have a good tweaked twitter stream by following the right users, instead of following all that follows you, or following your friends by using twitter as Facebook, then you can start using Twitter as an excellent news source.

I use the discover tab on and in the official Twitter app for Android and iOS.

If you follow the right people, then the discover tab will show you all the best posts on the net, all the popular posts, the hottest news, that your followers tweets, retweets and favorites.
The discover tab sorts them in popular order, so it’s impossible to miss a popular post.
And the discover tab never shows you junk, conversations or other stuff you don’t want.
All this if you have tweaked your stream right.

I am sure that you will like your Discover tab if you do everything right. You don’t have to follow many users, just follow the right ones. They will do the hard work for you so you never miss the cool things.

SO start using it now. Instead of Google Reader.