Is Samsung moving away from Android and Google?

It looks more and more like Samsung is moving away from Android and Google.
They are adding more and more samsung specific features all the time. The so called S-features like S-Drive, S-Translator, S-Pen and so on.

Why is that? Some of those features are already built-in to Android. For example Samsung’s S-Voice is a bit like Google Now but a lot worse. Why add a feature that is already built-in to Android?

Is Samsung doing like Amazon, tweaking Android to become their own OS. I am sure that Samsung soon will have their complete App Store, just as Amazon and Apple too.

So are they preparing to move away from Google and Android?
Is that a reason why they have another mobile OS called Tizen?
Samsung is planning to release their third flagship phone this year, after the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, that is running Tizen OS. Why is that? Is Samsung testing the market to see what the consumers thinks of Tizen? If it goes well, will they release more and more Tizen phones over the world? Is the next step to move away from Android to use Tizen instead? To get more control over both hardware and software, just as Apple has.

What will happen to Android if so? Samsung IS Android. Not much will be left after Samsung.

Watch this vlog to hear what I have to say about this.

By the way, in this vlog I am experimenting with recording video out from my car window so that you see what I see, instead of having me in the picture. Please tell me what you think of that idea.


  1. I think it would be smart for Samsung to have there own OS, and I think it would be a huge competitor to android.

    1. Yes it would, but they also needs apps for that. An os without apps is no good


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