Will Windows Blue help Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface? Probably not

Microsoft Surface doesn’t sell so well, and everyone complains about Windows RT, while Microsoft tries to fix it by releasing updates after updates but fails.
Will Windows Blue fix it? No.
The reason is that Microsoft needs to rethink their strategy. Windows 8 needs to be fixed so that corporate business people can use it. Not every one plays games and using it for consuming media and socialize. Some users wants to use it for work too.
It’s not a good idea to have the same OS and the same devices for both consumers and business. Not when it has a touch based UI at least.

And I say it again, the Microsoft Surface Pro is too expensive. They need to address that.
They need to find a way to lower the price, even if it has good hardware and specs.

My personal opinion is that the Surface is doomed and if Microsoft doesn’t change Windows 8 drastically, then it will be doomed too.


  1. Anonymous19:54

    Regarding Windows "Touch" ...Is your deception intentional or negligent ? Because RT & Surface DON'T comprise that totally of Win 8. I still maintain (as a Win8 fan) that my Dell XT3 with Win 8 Pro is without equal now and into the foreseeable future as a touchscreen professional workhorse ... so why judge the whole of Win 8 on it's weakest links ? OS version updates aren't new ? So you mix TWO issues in this question ... I don't care what happens to RT and Surface. BUT it seems you say Win 8 will not benefit from Blue ? That is mad. If you need a professional touch workhorse with abilities like Adobe Connect ... thank somebody for a Win 8 professional touch ... there simply is not a machine that can do it like my touchscreen Win 8 ... Apple(FAIL), Linux(FAIL), Android(FAIL) ... so there you have a winner ... easy ?

    1. Ok :) That's how a fanboy replies :) Sorry, I don't agree with you and I have many with me.

    2. Anonymous20:23

      Yes, "those" many ... I think I was one of "those" about a decade ago. Honestly professional people ... not kids who need toys like Apple, Android etc ... believe if you come to a meeting without a CAPABLE touchscreen ... you're like the kid in class without a pencil. I mean it, really. Big companies... I won't mention names... with MANY people. Really, I work with them daily. You and "those" many might not have specific needs BUT ... even idiots might understand some tasks exist which require Win 8 abilities ? Stefan ?

    3. And which tasks is that? I have been a Mac user for 6 years and I have never missed Windows. It was a relief when I did the switch. I use Windows at work everyday, and I hate every second. It's a pleasure to use my macbook air at my lunchbreaks ;)

    4. Anonymous22:36

      A touchscreen Macbook ? We are talking tablets ? No ? I would like to give you 5 repetitive tasks... and an Apple tablet, Android tablet, Linux tablet and a Windows 8 Pro tablet ... Your only task will be to do them ... repeatedly and very repetitively for ONE month... IF you are not a Windows 8 Pro convert after this... I will give you my new but(dusty)ipad and long disused (new) Android tablet... seriously - These are simple FLASH functions within collaboration, design and training tasks which ARE the de facto industry standard (ADOBE) ... don't propose an alternative version of MAC software because... that means EVERYONE in the meeting must change AND you must use the touchscreen for drawings and designs (no extra plug-in kit)

    5. I choose my 11-inch MacBook Air for that. No tablet can beat that.

    6. Anonymous07:03

      Won't work like a Win 8 Pro (out the box) ... how are you going to draw/annotate ? How will you do presenter mode Powerpoint live sessions and DRAW/ANNOTATE onto the screen with a stylus ? It's NOT a touchscreen. Your MacBook Air is great (and so is my full spec Windows laptop by the way BUT my full spec laptop IS ALSO a tablet, ha, ha ...) So ... to return to your HEADLINE "Will Windows Blue help Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface? Probably not" - I MUST beg to differ ... because Windows Blue is merely an upgrade ... Mac's, and Linux/Android get upgrades ... which benefit them (obviously) - So IMHO Windows 8 users (like me) will benefit ? (probably YES) Especially judging from the news leaks I've seen which I must tell you... show Win 8 is going to put a BIG GAP between Win 8 users and non-Win 8 users (seriously - no fanboy hype ... just consider the environment provided by Win 8 when a user must repeated switch from tablet/laptop, PC and phone ... if you can do this more easily, as effectively and efficiently - without losing specific abilities on systems like Mac, Android or Linux... then please tell me how.)

    7. If you absolutely need those things you can easily use a Wacom board for that. And what you don't get is that a tablet is limited compared to a 11-inch MacBook Air. Having a keyboard attached to it all the time is a huge plus. It is as thin and light as the iPad, but much, much more powerful. I use it and holds it like a tablet, and it is much more comfortable when reading or watching movies when laying in bed or sitting in a sofa. You don't need to hold it even. Just put it on your stomach or knee and enjoy. I often hold it in the screen with both my hands and letting the keyboard rest on my stomach while reading in bed. Then I don't feel the weight. That is impossible with a tablet like the iPad. That was one of the reason I sold my iPad. SO no thanks, no tablet for me. Tablets will die and be replaced by phablets in the size of 5-7 inch. A phablet is the perfect companion to a small and light ultrabook or MacBook Air.

    8. Anonymous18:02

      Many years ago I remember I had a Thin Client which I kinda pieced together with a USB OS (Linux)and blah, blah and such and such ... it could also do practically anything, IF I hatched some kind of workaround ... THE POINT IS ... and you've "talked" a BIG circle around this ... "Will Windows Blue help Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface? Probably not" [Your headline] For the record ... I disagree and I think I am correct ... Windows Blue with improve the overall environment across Win 8 for rapid transitions from tablets/laptops, desktops and phones. I understand many, many people HATE IT ... but -----> In MY shoes, right now... there is nothing else. Your MacBook is wonderful. BUT - it's NOT touchscreen - which I MUST HAVE ... I hope phablets don't replace PROFESSIONAL tablets(touchscreen laptops) (sure a limited market) because allthese current tablets and phones (excluding the Windows 8 Pro tablets which mine is one example ie ... Dell XT3) are NOT complete workhorses and merely toys IMHO.

    9. I think people that really needs touch is a minority though


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