Will Windows Blue help Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface? Probably not

Microsoft Surface doesn’t sell so well, and everyone complains about Windows RT, while Microsoft tries to fix it by releasing updates after updates but fails.
Will Windows Blue fix it? No.
The reason is that Microsoft needs to rethink their strategy. Windows 8 needs to be fixed so that corporate business people can use it. Not every one plays games and using it for consuming media and socialize. Some users wants to use it for work too.
It’s not a good idea to have the same OS and the same devices for both consumers and business. Not when it has a touch based UI at least.

And I say it again, the Microsoft Surface Pro is too expensive. They need to address that.
They need to find a way to lower the price, even if it has good hardware and specs.

My personal opinion is that the Surface is doomed and if Microsoft doesn’t change Windows 8 drastically, then it will be doomed too.