Airdroid V2 Beta for Android is so freaking awesome!

I really love Airdroid Version 2 for Android! In version 2 we can even use it over 3G/4G so no need for WiFi anymore!. Freaking awesome! You can even use the camera over 3G/4G. So it can be used as a security camera if you want :)

It's a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage & control your Android devices (phone & tablet) from a web browser. It’s designed with the vision to bridge the gap between your Android device and web browser, on desktop computers or tablet devices, on Windows, Mac/iOS, or Linux.

You can use AirDroid to send/receive SMS (text messages, if supported by the device), install/uninstall apps, transfer files between Android device and computer/tablet, and manage contacts, photos, music, videos, and ringtones, camera, etc., all in a web browser. Install AirDroid on your Android device and open your favorite web browser to experience it yourself.

Airdroid 2