Apple prioritize iOS 7 development over OSX 10.9

Apparently Apple prioritize iOS 7 development over OS X 10.9. They are moving developers from OSX to iOS to have iOS 7 finished in time. They are behind schedule. The rumor says that the iPhone 5S will be launched in July/August and Apple want's iOS 7 finished by then.

The rumor also says that Jonny Ive has totally remade the iOS UI to a more minimalistic design, and open it up a bit more, So we will be able to share to any service, any app instead of only the ones that Apple choose for us. At the moment Twitter and Facebook...

I really hope these rumors are true about the remake of iOS, because iOS definitely need that. Otherwise a lot of users will move to Android. Especially now when Facebook launched a launcher, the FaceBook Home. A lot of iOS users love Facebook, and if they can have Facebook as an "OS" on a phone, they will switch to Android.