Apple WWDC 2013 - will we not see any hardware? (update)

Apple has finally announced that WWDC will take hold on June 10. Apple also says that they will show us new versions of iOS and OS X. The invitation card doesn't reveal much more. Just some squares in different colors on top of each other. The different colors could mean an iPhone 5S that will be available in different colors though.

But this is the first time in some years now that it actually looks like Apple will not unveil any hardware updates on WWDC. I really hope I am wrong here, because Apple definitely needs to excite us again. It's time now Apple. Otherwise I think they will loose even more followers.

What else could the colored squares mean? An iWatch? New cool apps from Apple? iPods?

Could the invitation image mean that we will see an iWatch with a spiral icon UI:

The spiral app icons is from a 2010 Apple patent which outlines a swirly iTunes interface that could work on a small, circular device like a watch.

Or what do you think?